Saturday, April 13, 2013

Planning Phase....

Here's what's on my planning to do list right now:
  • Buy my flight. 
  • Sign up for a photography class so that I won't have to steal pictures off Google and pretend they are mine on Facebook.
  • Schedule a doctor's appointment to get an assortment of incredibly terrifying shots and pills for Tetanus, Hep A, and Yellow Fever.
  • Contact Fairplay language school to set up 6 weeks of language lessons.
  • Buy an international health insurance plan that includes an emergency evacuation that will airlift me off the side of a mountain in the event that the two mile run I do twice a week at the gym has not adequately prepared me to hike the Incan Trail. (World Nomads and Insure My Trip are two companies that offer a lot of coverage options). 
  • Check out area hospitals. 
  • Register with the Embassy of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.  
  • Cancel all magazine/newspaper subscriptions and have my mail forwarded to my parent's house. 

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