Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chau Bolivia!

Last day in La Paz... So hard to leave for so many reasons!!

We got breakfast at the hostel and then headed out in search of the 80B one hour massage we have been hearing so much about. 80B is equivalent to about $12. So cheap.

Before the massage, I spotted a rooftop restaurant that looked like it might be pretty good. We decided to try it. Not only was the food good, but there were also amazing views. We could even see people scaling a wall, tied to a bungee rope. For a moment it looked so cool that I almost wanted to try it. After lunch, and a bottle of wine, I helped Richard (from the hostel) do some shopping for his family since he is returning home tomorrow.

La Paz has been very relaxed because we haven't been trying to do any day trips that require entire days of bus travel. While it's nice to relax, it's also unfortunate, especially for Ali, because we'd really like to see the jungle and the salt flats, but she won't have time to return. I am thinking that I will probably come back after the five weeks in Cuzco...

So instead of rushing around, we have been doing a lot of shopping (bought way too much to be traveling with) and hanging out with people from the hostel. Ali is wishing we had more interactions with people from Latin America, and I would have enjoyed that too, but I have also loved meeting people from around the world. It's an Irish-owned hostel, and pretty much everyone there speaks English. It's interesting that in the middle of Latin America there are these pockets of english speaking tourists, and you can go days without needing to speak very much Spanish. We met people from Israel, England, France, Spain, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and the US. It's a great way to get travel information, and to swap hilarious travel stories.

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