Monday, August 19, 2013

Islas Ballestas, Civiche, and Stray Dogs

Today we took a bus to Paracas. There, we took a boat to the islands (Islas Ballestas) where there are sea lions, penguins, pelicans, and tons of birds. It was absolutely beautiful! We also saw a line of the Paracas. It was a carving of a candelabra into the sand that was made in pre-Inca times! We took lots of pictures!

After the two hour boat ride, we had a quick break for food, then headed to the National Reserve. It was a desert that bordered an ocean. We were on a bus that stopped frequently over the course of 4 hours so that we could take many pictures in front of beautiful landscapes. It reminded me of a desert safari. My three way pants came in handy, as the weather was totally different every time we left the bus. The only problem was that once I zipped my pants into shorts I had a difficult time getting the pants part zipped back on!

The tour ended with a fish restaurant on the coast. Ali ordered her first ceviche, which she was terrified to try, but ended up liking.

After the tour, Ali and I took a taxi to a bus to a taxi to our surprising hostel in Huacachina. While the website said we were booking a room for 4, the reality was that the hostel only had rooms for 8 people. Luckily we were roomed with a very nice young couple from Australia.

As we were traveling to the hostel we saw a common occurrence in South America - a small corner store closes its gate at night, and people just walk up to the gate and order through the gate.

Another unusual thing in Peru has been the amount of stray dogs. There are tons of stray animals everywhere. I am terrified of the stray dogs, but in general they tend to stay away from people (unless you have food).

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