Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 Myths About Maui

Myth #1: Going to Hawaii will break the bank!

Some people are under the impression that going to Hawaii is one of those trips that is just too expensive to ever actually go on. I am here to dispel that myth.

$188 - flight -refunded due to delays

$400 - hotel
$90 - groceries
$18 - restaurants
$120 - snorkeling
$75 - rental car
$703 - total cost for one week in the sun

Don't get me wrong, this is no small sum, but it is doable. I traded a year's worth of chai latte's from Starbucks for a trip to Hawaii. It's all about priorities.

Myth #2: I can't wear sunscreen if I want a tan!

This should not still be a myth with all we know about the effects of the sun, but somehow there are still people who think that wearing sunscreen means you won't get tan. I wore SPF 30 the entire time and not only did I not burn once, I am plenty more tan than when I first stepped foot on the sand.

Myth #3: There will be people my age

I guess this one isn't true if you are reading this and you are 70. Or 80. But if you are between the ages of 20-35, you probably aren't vacationing in Maui. There were a few exceptions here or there. Some honeymooners or families were on the younger side, but the majority of vacationers were post-retirement age. Apparently Oahu is a better island for younger people.

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