Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day Trip to Pisac

I ran into the Irish people last night on my way back from Jack's, and made plans to meet them at 8 this morning to head to Pisac. Since I went to bed around 8pm last night, waking up early was easy. I got to the Plaza de Armas a half hour before Naive and Liam, so I people watched by the fountain. The one thing I observed was that when Peruvian men take tourist photos, the goal is not to smile, but to look as angry as possible.

Once Liam and Naive arrive, we took a 3 sole combi to Pisac. It was an amazing drive. They call it The Sacred Valley for good reason - the views of the cliffs, mountains, and terracing is stunning. Once we got there, we viewed the ruins from below and spent the majority of our time at the market. A lot of the stuff there was the same stuff I have been seeing in Cusco, and even Bolivia, but there were a couple of unique finds. I bought a colorful hand woven wall hanging of the Incan calendar and a hand painted sugar bowl. I really like all of the kitchen stuff, but it seems like it would be really fragile and difficult to transport.

We returned to Cusco by noon, and I met up with Krystie for lunch... She has traveled extensively through Southeast Asia, so she helped me map out a potential trip if I decide to continue traveling.

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