Friday, October 25, 2013

Cajas National Park

Today was spent at Cajas National Park. In the morning, I met up with Stephanie, a girl from France, and our new Ecuadorian friend. The Ecuadorian guy, whose name is too difficult to spell, has a car here, and drove us to the park and took us on a hikes at a couple of the many lakes. This is just one example of just how incredibly welcoming and friendly the people are here. So many people here go out of their way to show you their city because they have so much pride in their country. The guy kept saying that he wanted to show us everything because he wanted us to remember the beauty of Ecuador. And man is Ecuador beautiful. It rivals Switzerland. The mountains are every conceivable shade of green. Everywhere you look, you see cows or horses, or sometimes llamas grazing in the grass. Everything looks like a postcard. The other amazing thing about Ecuador is that since the country is so small, you can drive 4 hours in one direction and be at the beach, 4 hours in another direction and be in the rainforest, or a couple hours in another direction and you are in the mountains or by a volcano.

After the park, we took our kind friend out to dinner at (surprise) Taj Majal. We tried to go to somewhere different, but nearly everything was closed because of a 10k race happening in the evening. After dinner, we watched a bit of the race (we were the only people cheering) before heading back to the hostel.

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