Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Black Market

I finally made it to the black market today! I went with Sam and Krystie, the people I work with that are from Australia. I bought a $1 iPad charger because I misplaced mine, a new 50 cent lock to replace the faulty REI one, $2 fake Raybans to replace the sunglasses I lost, and a 3 sole grandpa sweater. I pretty much went there just to replace all of the stuff I once owned. The grandpa sweater is by far the best find. The key to the black market is to go early and to know what you are looking for. Electronics (headphones, chargers, phones), fake sunglasses, scarves, and leggings are popular finds. Even though the prices are lower, the quality is often much poorer, so be willing to settle.

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