Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sorry, We Are Closed

This morning I spent a lot of time trying to book a tour in Cotopaxi. I am finding it a little frustrating to book things. If you try to book in advance, you run the risk that no one else has booked the same tour, and they won't run the tour for only one person. If you wait too long, there is no space. Luckily, everything worked out. Not only that, but the hostel is offering a trip to the rainforest that is half of the price of the one we already booked. Plus, it is deeper into the jungle!

After dealing with the hostels and tours, I walked around Old Town with Sophia (Germany). We stopped for lunch at an amazing restaurant called Heladeria San Agustin on Calle Guayaquil and split humitas and empanadas mejido. Humitas taste sort of like warm cornbread.

The afternoon was less of a success. A few of the girls and I headed to New Town, but because it is Sunday, absolutely nothing was open. We wandered around for a bit, then headed back.

Once back at the hostel, we all ate dinner together. I also made plans with Stephanie (Germany) to travel together after Liza leaves. She is also crossing the border into Peru, and our dates and destinations all overlap. We will travel to Cuenca, the National Park, Riobamba, Vilcabamba, and Mancora together. It should be fun!

After dinner, we watched Maria Full of Grace on the big projector screen in the living room and shared stories about the crazy people we have encountered in hostels.

Off to Mindo with Sing (Holland), Dina (NY), Kim (NH/Boston), and Martin (Switzerland) first thing tomorrow morning!

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