Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I woke up feeling a lot better, so I headed to Jack's for the best french toast ever. Everything seems to taste so much better when you have not eaten for 24 hours!

This morning I decided that it won't be that much more expensive (maybe $20-25 more) to fly to Ecuador from Lima via Tame Airlines, and since I am short on time now, it will be a much better option than busing. I will just visit Northern Peru on the way back. It will save me 36 hours on a bus and I won't have to deal with the land border. My flight to Ecuador is booked for October 9. That gives me almost a month in Ecuador.

When traveling, I get a feeling that I should be making the most out of my time by constantly seeing something, or by talking to someone, or even by walking aimlessly somewhere. Lately, I have found myself pulling against that urge, realizing how nice it is just to relax or to go out to eat on my own. It makes it more like real life, and less of a travel blur.

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