Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where Lonely Planet Went Wrong

According to Lonely Planet, there are three huge markets just an hour outside of Cuenca (one for textiles, one for jewelry, and one for hats). Stephanie and I headed by bus to the textile market, which we found (after an hour of searching) was actually just a small co-op store with barely any goods. We left and set off for the jewelry market, but that was a failed attempt as well. It was actually just a section of stores that all sold plastic looking gold and silver jewelry, including very bad Tory Burch and Channel knock-offs. At this point, we gave up on the third market and headed back to the city for lunch.

Since it is Sunday, and Cuenca is a very religious city, absolutely nothing was open all day. For dinner, my roommate and I tried to find an open restaurant, and we searched for thirty minutes in the pouring rain, sprinting from doorway to doorway, but only found (surprise, again) Taj Majal to be open. At this point even I am a bit sick of Indian food. I am ready to leave Cuenca, but Stephanie has Spanish classes until Tuesday.

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