Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Food Poisoning

This morning I woke up really sick with food poisoning.

For lunch, I had already planned to meet up with Liza, so we headed to a trendy pizza place where I picked at a delicious salad. It was a struggle, but I have great news! Liza booked her flight, and she is meeting me in Quito on the 16th of October. We spent the afternoon at Starbucks researching jungle tours. We chose a 4 day stay at Casa Del Suiza, and I could not be more excited. After, we will head to an amazing ranch in Cotopaxi National Park, Papaguayo, where we can hike a glacier, tour a rose farm, and swim in an emerald lagoon in a volcanic crater overlooking the Andes!! Liz is only able to stay in Cotopaxi for two nights because she has to fly home to NYC, but I booked at least 4 nights for myself.

Sick was not the way I wanted to end my stay in Cusco. I couldn't even make it to cooking class to say goodbye to everyone!

Luckily, when I went to check into my flight, I found out I somehow booked it for October 7th and not tomorrow!

I am not sure if that's really lucky as I was all set to go, but it does mean I will be able to go to movie night at Carmelita and Amy's tomorrow, and to John's birthday party on the 5th! And I will have a chance to finally eat at Korma Sutra! It will just mean I will have to rearrange my plans is all. Fortunately, Jessica is a super flexible manager and is letting me stay here for a few more days for free.

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