Monday, September 30, 2013

Guess How Much 5 Weeks in Peru Cost Me...

I woke up in a panic because I felt well rested! Sure enough, I overslept, and Mari was already downstairs waiting for me to begin class! I sprinted downstairs in my pajamas, contacts in hand, to ask her to wait two more minutes for me! I felt so bad that I took her out to breakfast at a fruit salad restaurant. I don't know how else to describe the place... Seriously the only thing they serve is fruit salad. I guess this would be normal for a small restaurant, but this is a pretty big place. Anyhow, they serve amazing fruit salad.

I bought Mari a departing gift this weekend of a choco seed good luck bracelet, and it turns out she chose the same thing for me! It was really cute. Now me and this 65 year old Peruvian woman have matching friendship bracelets!

When I got back to the hostel after class, I asked about how much I owed them so that I would know if I'd need to go to the bank. The grand total for housing and two meals a day for three and a half weeks... $50! I am not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. I could literally pay that with the spare change I have accumulated in my purse.

After finding out my Hostel bill, I headed up to the bar to cook myself a late lunch. I haven't really cooked here because food is so cheap, but cooking itself is an activity I really miss. Plus groceries for 3-4 meals costs about 75 cents.

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