Sunday, September 15, 2013

San Pedro Market

This morning, I headed out to find the market beyond San Pedro that people keep talking about. Apparently San Pedro Market is meant for tourists, and if you go out the right hand side door, you will find the local market. So that I did. I spent two hours walking amidst stuffed raw chickens with feet in the air, unidentifiable fruits, and woman constantly chopping vegetables while sitting on blankets that line the railroad tracks. It was more of a raw experience than the clean and semi organized stalls at San Pedro, but it was also far more beautiful and fascinating to see the way people really live. I ended up buying fresh strawberries, mandarins, and bananas for a fruit salad, and a ton of vegetables to bring to Amy and Carmelitas for dinner tomorrow night. I filled two bags with food, yet only spent 10 soles, the equivalent of $3. It is still shocking to me how hard these women work, and how little they get for what they do.

After the market, I headed to Prasada for a felafel tortilla salad. I have been going there so frequently that the girls there now say see you tomorrow!

Then, it was off to work, which is where I am now, typing all of this to you. So far, work has consisted of making myself fruit salad, playing a game of table tennis, making a playlist of Ray LaMontagne, and typing away at the computer. Pretty easy. It is not a bad life.

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