Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Intermediate Spanish!

Got up early today and headed to San Pedro market to buy some fruits and vegetables. Then headed to FairServices to make myself lunch. I almost burnt the kitchen down. Burners here are crazy. They don't light on their own - you have to drop a match in.... Which is sort of normal, except these burners are huge and totally exposed. By the time I figured it out, the whole place reaked of gas. But my lunch was delicious, and for 6 soles, I have enough food for three meals.

After the cooking, I had my first intermediate Spanish class! I graduated, and I am no longer a beginner! Now I get to learn past tense. I am kind of sad that I will be leaving before getting a chance to learn the future tense, but maybe I will be able to continue taking classes in Mancora or Quito.

After Spanish class, I went to Paddy's Pub, a Irish bar for ex-pats, to meet up with Liz to talk about potential travel plans. We are trying to coordinate it so that we will meet in Mancora around October 16th, and go from there to Ecuador. It would be nice to have someone to cross the border with, so I am really hoping it works out. Plus, Liz is super nice. The only problem is that she leaves Peru two weeks before I do. If it doesn't work out with Liz, I am sure I will be able to find other people to travel to Ecuador with, so I am not overly concerned.

I also booked my flight from Cusco to Lima next Wednesday afternoon... It is way more expensive than a bus ($125 more), but I am not really into the idea of a 22 hour bus ride right before a couple 10 hour bus rides, especially with my back.

In the evening, I headed to cooking class to make pasta verde. Tonight was Rosie's last night here, so it was another sad farewell. After class, we all headed to some bar in San Blas... Then ended the night with everyone at Milhouse. Without Nahuel on my team, I am no longer reining beer pong champion.

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