Monday, September 23, 2013

On Saying Goodbye... Again

Skipped classes today. My back still needs the rest, and I wanted to spend a little more time with my friends here before they hop on a bus.

I have been having an incredibly difficult time saying goodbye to people lately. In part it's because I know we probably won't keep in touch, but also because the people I have met have been so genuine. It is rare to find such amazing people. Are people always this kind, and I have been too busy or wrapped up to see it? Or is it that people are at their best when traveling because they are at their happiest and most vulnerable?

Nahuel warned against getting attached to people when traveling. He said travelers give to take because everyone travels because they are looking for something. I'm not sure how I fit into that philosophy. Do I give to take? And what is it that I am looking for exactly?

After laying in bed for hours, I needed to get out of the hostel, so I went for a walk and to get lunch with Nahuel. I even ate some street food... Papas rellleno with eggs. It amazes me how in touristy San Blas, a meal can cost 30-40 soles, but just around the block, a three course lunch is only 5 soles ($1.50). The quality isn't always the same, but I like the 5 sole food just fine. It will be difficult to adjust back to US prices, that's for sure.

I have started planning for after Cusco. I think I will stay here about a week longer, then make my way north via Arequipa and Lima. I will stop in Juarez, Truillo, and Mancora before crossing the border into Ecuador. Julia lived in Ecuador for a bit, and suggested I see Cuenca, Banos, Quito, Coca, and Cotopaxi. I still need to do a lot of research, but that is the tentative plan. Then back to Lima for my flight back to the US. I am only halfway through my trip, but I am already feeling the pull to come back! There is just so much to see. It's impossible.

I really considered getting on the bus to Puno tonight with Nahuel. It would have meant heading for Bolivia, Buenos Aires, and Uruguay... But every decision to do one thing means missing out on something else. I will just have to come back.

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