Sunday, September 29, 2013


After work last night, I ended up going to a club with Jessica until way too late! So today, I slept through Pisac, and instead just headed to Prasado for lunch, then the black market of food. Shopped until I could no longer stand the smell of raw meat.

Today was a comedy of errors in the bar. I encountered language barriers, an exploding soda, a soda water that dropped on me, a lack of beer, and a ridiculous situation with the bar manager, Julio. There were barely any people at the bar, but 4 people working. Well, I was working... The other boys were just playing pool and fuseball. 15 minutes before 10, when I was supposed to leave, I asked the manager if I could go since there was nothing to do. He was just sitting around, too. His response - you only have two more days! That is exactly why I wanted to leave. I still haven't eaten at Indigo or at Korma Sutra, and I only have 2 more nights! Everyone who comes into the bar raves about those two places. I just wanted to get some food! So we got into it, and finally, I left. I am dreading working with him tomorrow, but leaving was better than staying there listening to his broken English sexism! This was my first real introduction to South American machismo. I ended up at Indigo, and the pad thai was terrific.

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