Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to the Big Christ

It's Friday! I made it through the first week at FairServices.

The classes are wonderful. I spent 2 hours in a classroom, then 2 hours walking around Cusco with another teacher. Since it's Friday, I took her to lunch at a delicious and super cheap vegetarian place.

After class, we took the WaaW students on a field trip to the big white Christ park to fly kites. It was wonderful. At the end, we all took a combi back to the school. The combi was already full, but we stuffed another 20 people inside. There was literally no room to breathe. I was holding on to the ceiling, but one student, Carell, kept tickling me, so it was even more of a struggle. The combis here are insane.

A new girl moved into our house. She is from Belgium, and is also taking classes and is working at the school. We made tentative plans to go to the ruins of Moray this weekend.

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