Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Networking in Cusco

I have absolutely no patience for people who don't get up to their alarm for more than 2 hours. I wish I knew better Spanish so that I could have reamed my new Brazilian roommate out better, but I did my best.

To cheer myself up, I took myself out to breakfast at Jack's for bacon and American-style home fries. And ice cream.

Class was a struggle today - irregular verbs in the past tense. Plus, 5 minutes into class there was an earthquake! It was really nothing - I felt my chair shake, but I thought there might be construction nearby. Later on, I found out there was a pretty sizable earthquake in Arequipa, and my chair shaking was part of an aftershock.

The afternoon was a huge improvement from the morning. No one was in the bar except for this Californian named Matt who has been here about a week. Since the bar was so dead at 4pm, and since he is a martial arts instructor, he taught me self defense strategies for a couple hours. Poke the person in the eyes is now my go to move. He also sent an email for me to a shaman who lives in the Ecuadorean jungle. The shaman is apparently looking for someone to teach people in the village English so that they can become better tour guides. The short-term job supposedly comes with free stay and free meals, and is right in the middle of the rainforest. It sounds way too cool to be true. I am not banking on it, but it could be interesting...

I also got more of a confirmation from Liza today- it sounds like she is really trying to make it work to meet me in Mancora and cross the border into Ecuador together. I am really hoping that works out!

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