Saturday, September 14, 2013

Confronting the Thief

Today I went with Nahuel and David, the other two guys in my room who I work with every night, to the tourism police station. I was beyond grateful that they went with me. First, finding the station was a mission. Then, the police only spoke Spanish and, worse, they were really harsh with me. They must get a lot of people who abuse their insurance by reporting fake crimes because they really did not want to believe my story. They kept asking why I was even there... as though that was not obvious... Luckily, the guys were very protective and translated everything for me. Unfortunately, I will need to go back to the station on Monday to get a copy of the report.

After the police station, the boys went hostel to hostel to find out where the thief was staying while I went back to the hostel to check on my insurance. After a couple of tries, they found out he was staying right down the street at Kokopelli. They came back and got me and Jessica, the manager of my hostel, so that we could go and try to get the phone back. Unfortunately, the phone was already sold by the time we got there because there was no phone to be found at Kokopelli Hostel. We contemplated calling the police and having him picked up, but according to the people who live here in Cusco, it wouldn't do much good because we did not have any hard evidence. Oh well. We did get him kicked out of the hostel, and Jessica said she would send out an email to the other hostels in Cusco to have him banned.

After all of that, I was off to work. Nahuel switched shifts with me so that I could finish working earlier, so I had to work from 4pm to 10pm. I told Candice about my phone, and she surprised me by organizing everyone from FairPlay to come and have dinner and drinks with me at the hostel. It was so nice of them to come. The one major takeaway from all of this is that the majority of people are amazing and would go the extra mile, even for a new friend.

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