Thursday, September 12, 2013


For brunch I headed to El Encuentro, a vegetarian restaurant in San Blas. I had a vegetable omelette. I always forget how bad the cheese is here... It's super salty.

It was freezing today, so instead of walking around town, my practice teachers and I hung out at FairServices and drank tea. I was really grateful because I was not only cold but also pretty sleepy after the late night. I can really see my Spanish improving. Instead of putting together one or two word sentences, I'm able to make compound sentences and actually explain myself. I feel so much more confident exploring on my own now that I'm able to communicate. I think back to my first meal alone in Lima when I knew only a handful of words and could barely order a slice of pizza and a water bottle. Now I'm the one helping other tourists order in restaurants. It's a good shift. I'm still making tons of mistakes, especially with articles, but I am definitely better.

After class I took a much needed nap, then headed to Prasada for dinner. Unfortunately, they were closed, so I "splurged" and went to Jack's for an enormous BLT and salad with red peppers and eggplant. Jack's is expensive for Cusco - 20 soles or $7, but it's always so good. I'm working my way through their menu.

On my way back to the hostel from Jack's there was a parade in the Plaza de Armas. There is a parade every single day in Peru. Not a day goes by when I don't see groups of people marching the streets, sometimes in costume, other times chanting together for some political cause. I haven't really figured out why there are so many parades, or what they are for, but I have definitely seen one every single day.

I'm starting to feel less like I'm traveling and more like I'm actually living here. The job and the schedule of classes help, but it's also that I no longer have to search for restaurants - I already know where the good ones are. And throughout the day I sometimes run into people I know - from the hostel or FairPlay or yoga. It's been nice to stay here for a while. Cusco is a great city. I have been trying to choose my favorite street, and I think it's Carmen Alto. There are two really great boutiques, there's the yoga place, and there are 5 or 6 really great restaurants in close proximity (including my two favorites, Jack's and Prasada). I'm looking forward to trying the Indian place over there (Korma Sutra), maybe this weekend.

Candice is wanting to go to the ruins at Pisac this weekend, and I really want to see them as well, but I'm a little worried that I will be too tired. Plus, I was thinking of going to yoga on Saturday. The nice thing about being here for so long is that there will be more opportunities to see things.

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