Monday, September 16, 2013

Home Cooked Meals

This afternoon, my teacher accompanied me to the bank for one of the most inefficient experiences thus far in Peru. I needed to go to the bank to get a note to bring to the police in order to acquire a copy of my police report. That isn't even the most inefficient part; the bank itself was crazy. There's only one bank in Peru that will cash payroll checks. There are 2 people who work at this bank. The line is nearly out the door, and takes 2 hours to get through. It's unbelievable to me that people wait in that line every week just to cash their checks.

My teacher said my Spanish really improved over the weekend, especially when I talk about my phone. At least there's an upside! And I am getting in a lot of practice at the bar and with my two hostel roommates who only speak Spanish. I have been holding English classes for them so that we can try to communicate better.

After class, I took a quick nap, then headed to Amy and Carmelita's to cook dinner. We made pesto pasta salad with vegetables (finding pesto was incredibly exciting), pumpkin and chicken, salad, and brownies. It was amazing. It was so nice to cook again. Their apartment is really nice - furnished, short-term lease, right outside of San Blas, and $150 a week each. It makes me feel less bad about my phone when I compare the cost of a week at an apartment to the cost of a new phone (after insurance). Granted, I am working in order to live for free, but I can barely call it working. It is more like socializing, but with set hours.

After dinner, I taxied back to the hostel. I am finally breaking through my fear of talking to people who don't already know (or assume) I don't speak Spanish. I talked to the taxi driver on the way, and there wasn't a moment in the conversation when I didn't understand him or know how to respond! That's starting to happen more frequently, and it makes me feel more confident about leaving Cusco to travel north or elsewhere!

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