Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I met up with Amy and Candice for a relaxed brunch at an organic, local, and super trendy German place for a delicious brunch. They relayed the other night's events in utter shock. I still can't believe the boys were in jail! They didn't get out until the afternoon! To make it worse, I found out some guy stole their clothes while they were swimming, so they had to go to the police station in wet boxers! Que idiotas!

After lunch, I got stuck in a hail storm! At first, I tried to wait it out, but the sky showed no signs of letting up. I resigned to buying an enormous plastic poncho off a man in the street, and cautiously headed home. Toms aren't made for rainy season. I should have known better. It has been raining here every day at around 2:00pm for the past couple of weeks. This isn't really the ideal time to be in Cusco. The weather will be much better up north...

I won't miss the weather, but I will miss the people here. I cannot speak kindly enough about the teachers at FairServices. These woman are amazing. They have been incredible teachers, but also just incredibly kind people. Not only have they helped me every time I have had a problem, but today, two of my teachers even came to visit me at the bar for a couple hours. It made the time fly by. It was so thoughtful of them. They kept saying that I need to keep in touch, and in the future I will have to visit them because we are family now. Life in Peru will be difficult without them!

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