Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life On My Own in South America...

Today was Ali's last day in Peru! She headed to the airport around 1 after a delicious lunch at a vegetarian sandwich stand called Prasada, and I headed to FairServices to find out where I will be living and what I will be doing for the next few weeks.

FairServices is run by John from Belgium and his Peruvian wife Fannie. John speaks English, which is super helpful. After asking about a million questions I decided to start small and book one week at the home stay. The woman running the home stay is super nice, but the house is kind of far from the center plaza. I'll see how it works out. The nice part about the home stay is that all three meals are included, and there are other people from the program staying at the house as well. The home stay is also close to the school I will be volunteering at.

In addition to the home stay, I am also signed up for two weeks of Spanish classes and volunteering at the school. The Spanish classes will be fun because they are one-on-one from 8am-12pm. Then there's a break for lunch, then volunteering at the school from 2pm-6pm. It will be very busy.

Tonight there were cooking classes at FairPlay, so I went and learned how to make a Peruvian chicken. It was nice to finally meet all of the people in the program. Everyone there is an English speaker. There's even one other girl from Massachusetts. Everyone is super nice!

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