Friday, September 27, 2013

Cusco Restaurants

Before class, I took myself out to breakfast at The Meeting Place, a non-profit restaurant in San Blas where they have real, American style waffles! I am trying to hit up all of the restaurants that seem interesting before leaving Cusco. Korma Sutra (Indian) and Indigo (Thai) are the only ones left on my list!

The bar is really getting to me... Not because I don't like it, but because David plays the same music every night! I am not sure why, but Latin Americans love techno and 90s American pop songs. Also, I am over our kitchen, which takes two hours to make a meal. Things taking a long time is a frequent occurrence in Peru, but two hours for a plate of fries is just crazy. I always experience a moral dilemma when someone orders pizza - do I tell them to go to the much faster place down the street and save them an excruciating wait, or do I take their order and stay loyal to my job? Usually I tell them about Tratoria. It kills me to see them sitting there waiting for so long!

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