Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spanish Class, Yoga Class, Cooking Class

In class this morning I practiced the verbs "ser" and "estar." It's amazing how quickly my Spanish is progressing. Then, I went with my practice teacher to the textile museum to learn about how different fabrics are made here, and what traditional outfits consist of. The mix of grammar classes with practical practice classes is such a great formula for learning a new language.

After lunch at the home stay, I headed via taxi to my hostel and new home. Moving my belongings in was simple - it's crazy that everything I own can fit into a 3 ft by 3 ft locker. To kill time I relaxed in a hammock and did my homework for class.

Around 5, I headed to my first yoga class in the city at Inbound Yoga in San Blas. Even though the style of yoga was different, it was nice to do something familiar. It was also nice to meet other travelers. I got talking with one girl who has also been here a couple of weeks... She works at the meeting place coffee shop and said its the only place around with real waffles. I'll have to try it. Breakfast in Peru isn't the best... Usually just bread and jelly.

After yoga was cooking class with the girls from WaaW. We made rocoto relleno. It was pretty tasty.

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