Sunday, September 1, 2013

Machu Pichu

Today we hiked and explored Machu Picchu. I have procrastinated writing about the experience because it really can't be summed up easily. It was just as impressive as all of the pictures. The vastness of the mountains was overwhelming.

We spent nearly 3 hours climbing Machu Picchu Mountain, which was grueling, but had amazing views.

By the end of the day, Ali and I passed out on a patch of grass with a view of the ruins for one of the best naps ever.

The train that took us back from Aguas Calientes to Ollyatombo was a hilarious experience. Because it was too dark for viewing the mountain, the train company provided entertainment. First, they had a scary clown dance around the train. This clown was terrifying. It crept up behind me without warning and I jumped out of my seat, begging Ali to switch to the isle. Then, there was a fashion show of llama outfits. Our train steward and stewardess were the models.

After the train, we took a combi, or minibus for local travel, back to Cusco. I slept the entire time even though Spanish dubbed Justin Timberlake was blasting through the speakers.

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