Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of Bartending

To accommodate my new working schedule, I moved my Spanish classes to the afternoon. For the first time in a while I was able to sleep in. Breakfast at Milhouse was alright... A buffet of bread, cereal, and fruit. What's nice is that it goes from 7:30-10:30. The other great thing about breakfast is that it's located on a terrace that overlooks rolling hills and scattered houses.

Breakfast was OK, but lunch was the best. I have learned that I really value choosing what I will eat. That's something that's so normal in the US, but so absent from my life in Peru lately, especially having been in a home stay for the past couple of weeks. It was so great to go to Jack's in San Blas and order a salad with vegetables! Vegetables are also something I took for granted. They are popular at the markets, but traditional meals rely on potatoes rather than the rainbow of colorful veggies that I am used to when cooking for myself.

After lunch, I headed to class to study regular verbs. Class went by quickly, then I headed to the hostel to change rooms (now I am in the staff room with three others) and to learn the bar.

The bar was really fun. I worked with two other guys, one from Uruguay and one from Chile. It's cool because they speak mostly Spanish, so I am forced to practice and learn more. Everyone from the school (all 11 friends) came to visit me on my first night, which was so nice. We organized a beer pong tournament, which my team won the first two rounds of. Also, I became a pro at making Pisco sours, Peru's official drink. First you crush ice. Then, add two shots of Pisco, one shot of lime juice, and one shot of a different liquor. Then, add one egg white. Shake until the outside of the mixer is covered in frost. Pour and spritz in a small amount of some brown liquid. Salud!

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