Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life Without My Phone

In the morning, I returned to the police station for the last time to get a copy of my police report. After, I met my Spanish teachers to practice sentences with more than one verb. Then, my teachers and I went to Claro, the phone company here, to inquire about a sim card. The best thing to do in Cusco is to by a sim card from Claro (or movistar) for 16 soles, then go to the black market that's only open on Saturdays to by a phone at half of the price of the phone company... About 200 soles. I think I will do that in order to have a phone for the rest of the time that I am here.

Then, I was off to cooking class. We learned how to make lomo saltado. My version had avocado instead of steak. The best part was the spicy yellow chili pepper and peanut sauce. There was a new friend at the class who had met Elena at yoga. She is from New York, and is traveling until the end of October. We talked about possibly doing a trip together to the Silva (rainforest) in mid-October. After class, everyone came back to Milhouse with me for a drink and to hang out.

It is so difficult to decide what to do after Cusco. It is hard to leave, but there is also so much more to see.

A life without luxury has meant more time for relationships and people. Without tv, phone, or even consistent internet, I have found that I have built closer relationships with others than I would have otherwise. I really look forward to seeing all of the new people that are a part of my life in Peru - my teachers (Mari, Nelly, and Jenny), all of my friends from FairServices (Laura, Candice, Amy, Carmelita, Raquel, Lutz, Rosie, Elena, Megan...), and my hostel friends too (Nahuel, David, Sebas, Julia, and Jessica... And the ones who come and go). The hostel friends have taken to calling me ashtray because Nahuel is the only one who understands how to say my name. It is hilarious.

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