Saturday, October 12, 2013


This morning a group of us headed to the most popular market in Ecuador, Oltavalo. We fared both traffic and rain, but it was all worth it because the market was the best I have been to thus far. The colors were incredible. Plus, I only spent $40, but bought all sorts of things - tons of jewelry, plant holders, and a baby outfit for a friend's baby. We stopped for lunch at the "food court." In the food court, you walk up to the stall of your choosing, and order food that you see them assemble or cook right in front of you. I sought out the only vegetarian place after seeing giant pig bodies with their mouths stuffed with apples. The presentation of meat here is ... different. Ecuadorans value eating the entire body, and not wasting anything. This includes cow stomach and other parts I don't care to mention. My dish was delicious - four enormous fried mashed potato pancakes with a tomato and onion salsa and a side salad for a dollar. I could have spent hours at the market, but it is important to always get back to the hostel before dark since the buses could potentially be dangerous, though I have never felt unsafe on the buses. Knock on wood.


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